Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sense Networks Strikes Again

Sense Networks is the most popular girl at the popular tech mag ball.

See articles in Wired: Clive Thompson on Real-World Social Networks vs. Facebook 'Friends'
and MIT Technology Review: TR10: Reality Mining: Sandy Pentland is using data gathered by cell phones to learn about human behavior. What Your Phone Knows About You; MIT's Sandy Pentland finds surprising implications in patterns of cell-phone use

See also Sense Networks news:

"Over the course of any day, people congregate around different parts of a city. In the morning hours, workers commute downtown, while at lunchtime and in the evening, people disperse to eateries and bars.

While this sort of behavior is common knowledge, it hasn't been visible to the average person. Sense Networks, a startup based in New York, is now trying to bring this side of a city to life. Using cell-phone and taxi GPS data, the startup's software produces a heat map that shows activity at hot spots across a city. Currently, the service, called Citysense, only works in San Francisco, but it will launch in New York in the next few months."

Science brought to you by Alex "Sandy" Pentland out of MIT:

2004 Technology Review article by the man himself:

They are funded by "hedge fund community and by founders of other leading finance and technology companies." I.e., Drobny Global Advisors and The Challenger Funds. Sounds like they made a great investment.

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