Friday, April 11, 2008

A Tech Education

I am a political science guy, but I love technology. I love the idea of technology. Rousseau said that every human endeavor is damned, because society is corrupt - Voltaire said, "Yea, society is corrupt, but technology/science is general progress." My one friend (sort of a pseudo-anarchist), challenged me once, asking if technology ever solves problems, without creating new ones - whether we're running faster and faster to stay in the same place. I didn't have an answer at the time, but I realize in retrospect there are some precise improvements. For example, epiderals - giving birth has always been painful, but because of technology it is less painful. Women today do not have to suffer as much as their grandmothers or great grandmothers.

As a political science guy, a finance track guy, I figured that tech PE / VC would be my way to contribute to society. And so, while in class I'm learning about Rousseau and Brezhnev, etc., in my spare time - until sailing season starts - I'm getting a tech education.

None of my friends have ever used RSS, nobody knows what twitters it - some of them know about Sequoia and Kleiner Perkins - but they their conception of them is 5 years old - "oh, they paid for Google." Now these are all smart kids - and many of them might end up in VC someday.

But I want to know as much as I can now. So I started with Tech. Review newsletters, discovered RSS, and now I get hourly updates from GigaOM, Venture Beat, etc., etc. I sign up for the Betas and check out the products. There is still a lot to learn, but I think I'm learning fast - and I am motivated as hell.

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